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The Security Threat to Customer Experience

As the news of Equifax's data security blunder has permeated, the growing concern over customer data is continuing to shift in a direction that has significant implications to digital and customer experiences. When customers entrust a company with their personal data they are exchanging that data for the promise of a seamless, simple and efficient experience. The unfortunate and steady rise in data breaches are quickly diminishing customer trust. With each incident, the bar for customer willingness to provide personal data is being elevated.

The number of data breaches was up 40% in 2016 versus the previous year and 2017 is on a similar trajectory. Equifax, Deloitte and Docusign are just a few of the companies to have been exposed this year.
Brand experience ambassadors are devastated. Their aim to collect personal information is a largely altruistic one. Customer data makes it possible for the brand to provide customers with more satisfying experiences. Fast-checkout, tailored experiences, meaningful outreach, and loyalty discounts are just a few of the many benefits customers receive.

Customer experience leaders need to take data security as a priority concern. Not only does it tarnish the relationship the customers have with your brand, but it also degrades the experience they will enjoy with other brands. Helium implores CX leaders to reach out to the CDO/CIO to build governance for data security standards and to work together in the collective battle against data theft.