Helium, Passion, Vision

Beliefs We Can Live By

When you start a company you have to dig deep. You have a blank canvas in front of you and it’s scary as hell to make the first brushstroke. Before you can begin making the world believe in your cause, you first have to make yourself believe. And you are required to be your own worst critic, because so many people will tell you “I have no doubt it will be successful”, or simply “you got this”. So, inevitably you end up watching hours of Steve Jobs videos, hoping that somehow everyone else missed a secret blueprint he left behind. Trust me, the blueprint doesn’t exist. But if you read between the lines of everything he’s doing in those videos, it comes down to belief. Belief in what Apple stood for. Belief in his vision. And finally a belief that he could change the world.

So what do we believe in?

Alignment of Passion
Consulting is founded on the concept of resources for hire. Sometimes those people are specialized, sometimes by request those people are generalists. Here’s what a typical request looks like; “I need someone with the XYZ skillset with 5 years relevant experience in XYZ industry.” This is a tremendous way to find a cog for a well-oiled machine. But I bet companies aren’t looking for cogs; they’re looking for people that can make a difference. The only way someone will ever be able to make a difference is if they jive with what that company does and stands for.

We will ensure that our employees believe in the work that they are doing. Allowing someone to work on a project that they are not passionate about, means that we accept mediocre output. This is unacceptable; there’s no space for mediocrity.

Room for Jazz
Architecting a beautiful customer and digital strategy is equal parts art and science. You are blending technology, human interaction and storytelling to evoke customer emotion. If you tell me that someone has a textbook approach for this, I’ll tell you they need more Jazz. Jazz is where magic happens. The best jazz musicians are the ones who have a mastery of their craft, but wield it in a way that allows for creation of something new every time, and to connect with the audience in that moment. In that way, Jazz is about continually innovating and being human.

We strive to bring that level of artistic innovation and connection to every one of our solutions. In this space, is where we often find the most compelling competitive advantages for our clients. We bring Jazz to every client we work with.

Bet on our Clients
Make no mistake about it, every time we get hired a company is placing a bet on us. They deserve the same respect. We develop solutions that drive results, and we need to be willing to hold ourselves accountable to those results. When we work with our clients we give them the opportunity to align our reward with their success. This creates a win-win scenario and allows consultants do their best work and 100% aligned to the mission. 

We acknowledge that every client is on their own journey, and we must keep sight of that. When we reach the finish line, the glory is theirs. We’ll know we’ve done our job well if our clients want to bring us along for their next journey.

Culture of Honesty
It always comes down to people. Clients, employees and customers need to know that we trust them and they can trust us. How we build trust is through a culture of honesty. We’re going to tell people their shit stinks when it does, so that they can believe us when we say their vision/work/strategy is incredible when it is.

Bring Your Humanity
The lines between human and technology are blurring more and more with every passing moment. It has become more important than ever to bring personality to every business strategy and to evaluate the impact that technology solutions will have on society.

Our employees need to live this as well by infusing personality into our work and having an eye on the implications of our solutions.

Celebrate Diversity
Speaking of humanity, we must celebrate the diverse points of view humanity offers. The global reach of brands means that there are many perspectives to consider, and many connections to be made. We bring our diverse thinking to the table every time and are never afraid to say “we don’t know”.

As we move forward, these will be a gauge for the health of our business. Ultimately, if we can be all of these things, we will be well positioned to share success with our clients. These beliefs will become my "why". Why I am excited to be a part of this. Why I will work tirelessly for this vision.

So I’m still standing in front of that blank canvas, but now I know what the painting will look like when it takes shape. I’m ready to start painting.