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Digital Natives.

Helium is a digital transformation company
born out of the digital age.

We were made for this. Literally.

We were born into digital. This has never been foreign to us. We’ve worked on some of the most innovative products and launched some of the most engaging solutions for the world’s most respected brands.

Let’s cut to the chase. We know digital.

Our Promises
Align the right talent

he best work is done when people believe in what they're doing. Alignment of not only skill, but also passion will result in happy employees and deeper project engagement. We promise to help our employees and clients find the passion in the work we do, every time.

Leave some room for jazz

Architecting a beautiful customer and digital strategy is equal parts art and science. There is no textbook approach for this, and anyone who claims so probably needs more jazz in their lives. That's where the magic happens. We bring creativity, excitement, and personality. We bring the jazz.

Look out for each other

At the onset of our engagements we make sure to understand the desired outcomes our clients are trying to achieve. This way we will reach our goals together and find mutual success. When we work with our clients, we give them the opportunity to align our reward with their success.

Bring the humanity

We must be human. We must celebrate the diverse points of view humanity offers. The global reach of brands means that there are many perspectives to consider, and many connections to be made. Doing anything short of this is unacceptable. We bring our diverse thinking to the table every time and are never afraid to say “we don’t know”.

Meet the Leadership
Digital Agency and Consulting veteran responsible for creating numerous large scale digital and commerce experiences. Collects Superman memorabilia.
Hass Khalife
Founding Partner
Customer Engagement evangelist and Experience leader. Deep retail experience. Still waiting for his call to play basketball in the NBA.
Andrew Pham
Founding Partner
Chief-of-Staff responsible for launch of Amazon Alexa. A builder, maker of products, tech inventor, and team leader. Avid fitness competitor.
Paul Steckler
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Our Story
First and foremost, helping companies elevate to new levels is our passion. We've both been fortunate to have successful careers as lifetime consultants and strategists at some of the most respected consultancies and agencies in the world. We've worked for and with many of the leading Fortune 500 brands, released products and rolled-out strategies we're extremely proud of.

Over the last five years, we've seen a massive shift in the way customers engage with brands. We've seen large companies once thought to be bulletproof be brought to their knees, and fresh new startups quickly rise as industry leaders. It's no secret that we're in the midst of a massive rewrite of how business is done.

The companies that are winning the digital, customer, or disruption race are the ones who move fast and aren't afraid to try things. Being tied to large corporate processes and hierarchies, we found a disconnect in what we preached to our clients and how we operated internally ourselves.

We were convinced if we built a lean organization that was solely committed to helping companies innovate, move fast and keep things lean, we could have a greater impact — and enjoy the ride along the way. Helium was founded as a way to elevate the conversation around digital, customer, and innovation strategy and help our clients move at lightning speed.
Tired of the same old?
So are we, and we're hiring.

As passionate as we are about creating innovative digital experiences, we're just as passionate about creating a ridiculously awesome place to work.